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How to market my guest house?

Guest houses were once known as establishments that featured shabby old décor and a stern-faced old hostess. This image has however been shaken off. B&Bs are quickly becoming the accommodation of choice for travellers looking for budget-friendly establishments that provide a comfortable experience.

Setting up a guest house is no easy task. There is a lot of hard work involved in ensuring that the establishment will meet the expectation of guests. When the task of setting up is all over, many guest house owners are tempted to sit back and wait for the guests to flock in. In reality, the work has just begun.

Being on the map is the number one goal in the travel and tourism industry, effective marketing of your guest house is thus very important. Having a presence and being findable makes it so much easier for guest to book your accommodation.

Now, you might ask how should I put my guest house out there? Or, how to market my guest house? Well, you’re at the right place. Here are just a few ways you can advertise your guest house.

Firstly, use your own website. Having your own website for your establishment is an essential part of any business today. Many consumers today use the Internet to search for information. They can access information about products and services from PCs and mobile devices when they need it. Having a website gives your guest house the online presence it needs to reach possible guests and is a direct way to promote your guest house with all the needed information on how to get in touch with you. 

Secondly, one of the greatest things about online marketing today is that there are websites and travel listings sites that can actually promote your guest house for you, like Born Travel. Travel websites feature places that people can stay and provide an opportunity for you to advertise your guest house. 

Thirdly, online ads are one of the most effective ways to advertise online for small and large businesses alike. Facebook Ads and Google Ads have taken the world by storm and offer the best research related ads for your business, putting your ads in front of the right customers that are most likely to book with you. 

Lastly, Social media has proved to be a dominant force in the world of online marketing. Many consumers today spend the majority of their time online on social media platforms. If you want to access this market, you have to make yourself available on the same platforms. Create a Facebook Page, Instagram Account, Pinterest Board etc, for your guest house. Engage with your audience and promote special offers on these platforms.

Don’t have your own website or think it’s time for an upgrade? Need help with listing your guest house on travel sites? Or don’t have any idea where, to begin with your online ads or social media? We are digital marketing specialists with extensive experience in all aspects of digital marketing. Contact us today, and we’ll help market your guest house.





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